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brush and ink
the swords of heaven and earth
a letter game
8th-Mar-2007 10:56 pm
and the baby
Younger Brother Hai,

Xue Qing has informed me of recent events happening in our ancestral home. You moron. How could you leave at such a crucial time? Do you not see what is right under your nose? I am coming to make sure that all is in order. You seem to need my help.

- Sister Hua

Dearest Mother and Father,

I am hoping that Mother's health has improved, but I am very concerned about everything that is happening at home. I want to come back very badly, but Aunt Hua thinks it would be better if I stayed here. She says that it would be harder to keep track of me while traveling such a long distance; there would be too many opportunities for me to create mischief. I do think that she is exaggerating and I would appreciate it very much if you could correct her misconception of me.

I miss and love you all very much.

- Ping
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